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    Restructuring and Going Forward



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    Restructuring and Going Forward

    Post by Aras_Bey on 2018-01-05, 18:05

    Hi all,

    2017 is almost past and I believe we have reached a great momentum at the last quarter after a formation period of 3-4 months. I wanted to share my thoughts and plans with you as I would like to dedicate the last month of 2017 to restructure and reformation to have a great foundation for 2018.

    From an alliance perspective, my objective is to make Global Air one of the highest ranked English speaking alliances in the game, a destination for the most passionate and involved English speaking players. In line with that purpose, we have been actively recruiting with a silver star limit and made our way to top 200 within 6 months of establishment. Well done to all!

    On the way forward, I would like all the members to share this vision and also propose some changes, listen to your ideas about the future and shape the strategies for this alliance together.

    First I would like to talk about the things I would like change:

    - To start with, I would like our Communications Directors (CD) to move us to a new forums site as we have changed our name. I will discuss the structure of the new forums with him, however once the forum is moved, ALL THE ALLIES ARE EXPECTED TO REGISTER and keep themselves up-to-date with the posts there. We will announce the new website and the deadline for registration. Please register to forums with clear names that you already use within the game - your CEO name.
    - We have reached 10% discount this week. This means every member is expected to purchase all their planes with the alliance as long as they are available in the catalogue. If not, they need to reach out to me (or appointed R&D Director) for us to include these planes in the catalogue.
    - Our CD will keep track of our plane inventory on a monthly basis and share this file with our HR Director and also in excel format on the forums.
    - Our Sales Director or myself (whoever is confirming a purchase) will keep a note of everyone’s purchases on the forums.
    - Our HR Director will crosscheck the inventory and Sales Director’s input and spot the individual purchases and ask the allies about the reasons of those purchases.
    - Our HR Director will be responsible to track the overall growth of allies (in terms of profitability)
    - Any member who does not register to forums, repetitively makes solo purchases or does not increase their profitability to expected rates if any notice is given carries the risk of being expelled from the alliance if any promising applications are received.

    I would like to start the discussion with these points; and would like to hear all of your opinion (about how you feel about above and suggestions for the future).

    Any changes/additions to above points will be shared as single posts below under this thread for easier tracking as well.

    Thank you for being a part of Global Air, and let’s push for top 100 within the first half of 2018!



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    Re: Restructuring and Going Forward

    Post by YEG on 2018-03-05, 05:30

    Hello. What's the main idea about hub sharing?


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    Re: Restructuring and Going Forward

    Post by Aras_Bey on 2018-03-08, 16:44

    Hey everyone!

    I believe March will be one of the most important months so far for us.
    We have reached 20 members for the first time and also our highest rank so far in February.
    I believe we have reached a great momentum and settled in a good place, this gives us a great foundation however increasing our rank will be harder than ever.

    Going forward, I would like to propose below mechanisms:

    - We will stick to our new purchase mechanism.
    - We will not keep track of your individual inventories.
    - We will keep track of every Group Purchase in the forums. Whoever confirms the purchase is expected to post the participation on member level to forums right away.
    - At the end of every month, we will evaluate participation on Group Purchases per member.
    - We will recruit only Gold Star members.
    - At the month closing, HR Director and myself will issue a list of members who have not participated in previous months purchases. This is the 'relegation zone'.
    - The members who are consistently not participating in Group Purchases might be kicked out of alliance to open space for new applicants.

    Also, now that the alliance is more crowded, there is more maintenance to do. We need more CEO's in our Board of Directors. Currently the open positions are:

    - Communications Director who will be responsible for our external communication mainly (replies to Applicants and Online Chat ads)
    - R&D Director who will also have the Marketing Director role and will be responsible for R&D.

    If you are interested in any of the above roles, please approach me or Max_Prussia to state your interest.


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    Re: Restructuring and Going Forward

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